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Barbara Nunn @ (954) 270-3903 or bnunn@evergladesk12.com
How to Order New Mathematics Florida Standards Products

Florida Orders
All purchase orders for Everglades K-12 Publishing, Inc. products should be sent to our processing center at the Florida School Book Depository, which will also handle all shipping and billing.

Florida School Book Depository
1125 North Ellis Road
Jacksonville, FL 32236
Phone: 800-447-7957
Fax: 954-584-5545

For all sales inquiries please contact Barbara Nunn at
(954) 270-3903 or

All Credit Card orders must be placed directly through Everglades K-12 Publishing only,
not the Florida School Book Depository. Minimum 25 Copies Ordered .
No Refunds for Credit Card Purchases.
Please contact Barbara Nunn @ (954) 270-3903 or bnunn@evergladesk12.com

Return Policy
You can return any books purchased (with a Purchase Order) through the Florida School Book Depository within 30 days from your receipt of the books for a full refund.  Simply send us a written request notifying us that you wish to return your materials for a refund within the 30 day period and we will process your return.  The school is responsible for the shipping cost to return the books to the Florida School Book Depository.  All books must be in perfect condition. 
No refunds for books purchased with a Credit Card.

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