Ordering Books in Quantity




Effective January 1, 2014, any School or School District ordering 1,500 or more books of any grade level must pay one-half of the total purchase price in advance. This applies to single orders of 1,500 books and multiple orders totaling 1,500 books for each grade level.

Everglades K-12 Publishing, Inc. will still honor the 10 percent policy, which is, if your School or School District orders any amount of books over 500 books per grade level, then we will add additional books to your order in an amount equal to 10 percent of your total order. For example, if your School District or School orders 500 books, we will add 50 additional books to your order and you will receive 550 books for the price of 500 books. Note that our 10 percent policy cannot be used to reduce the total purchase price by 10 percent.

In order to qualify for the 10 percent policy, you need a written proposal from Everglades K-12 Publishing, Inc.

Please direct your proposal requests to Barbara Nunn at bnunn@evergladesk12.com. Thank you for supporting Everglades K-12 Publishing, Inc.


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